Our Story

Doodle Dog Outfitters started because our CEO, Mike, was hit hard by doodle love. Once Bear entered his life, he discovered the incredible community of doodle owners, all of whom are proud to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

  • The Beginning

    During COVID, Mike found himself in a situation similar to many others': alone. He always looked forward to visits from his youngest daughter, Olivia.

  • The Idea

    Olivia always wanted Mike to get a dog, but due to travel and work commitments it had never been possible. It was early December 2020 when Olivia pointed out that his previous work/travel objection was no longer valid.

  • The Challenge

    There was a catch to getting a dog: during the pandemic, waitlists were long. So, Mike made a deal with Olivia. If she could find him a puppy within 1 month, he would happily give it a home.

  • The Doodle

    Mike underestimated the web sleuthing capabilities of his Gen Z'er. Within weeks, Olivia found a Golden Doodle puppy. In January 2021, a ridiculously cute, all black puffball arrived at Mike's house and the doodle love was clear.

  • The Brand

    Over the next twelve months, Bear grew from a 15-pound puffball to a 60-pound, kindhearted, playful, best buddy. Mike noticed how this was true for all doodles he met and learned the community of doodle lovers was strong - and big! Brands devoted to other dogs breeds were out there. Why not create one just for doodle owners?

  • The Products

    Doodle Dog Outfitters is devoted to bringing comfy, high quality apparel and accessories to lovers of the breed. Our mission is to become the favorite piece in your closet. Ours are long lasting items that bring a smile to your face, guaranteed.

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