Tough Toys That Will Survive Your Pup

Tough Toys That Will Survive Your Pup

Raise your hand if your pup tears through toys at the speed of light.

We're willing to bet yours is up.

At Doodle Dog, we know that finding dog toys for larger breeds is tough. Short of a sturdy rope tie, most of them end up disemboweled across the living room floor, leaving a crime scene trail of stuffing behind. Mere minutes or days after buying it, the toy is destined for the trash and puppy dog eyes convince you to buy another.

So, for the inaugural Bear's Blog post we figured we'd round up some of our favorite toys that actually stand up to large breed shenanigans. One caveat: we believe each toy will meet the trash bin some day, but the list below will last longer than others we've tried!

We are in no way affiliated with the brands below nor do we earn any commission off of the links or purchases made through them.

Tug-O-War Toughies

  • Tuffy 3-Way Tug is softer on human hands when you're playing and stands up to some seriously strong pups!

Bouncy Balls

Treat Tuckers

  • Starmark Everlasting Treat Ball comes with a treat to start (we love a 2-in-1) but stays tough for future peanut butter or treat searches to keep your pup busy.

Solid Stuffies

  • Fat Cat stuffed toys are the real deal. If your dog likes squeaky animal toys to tote around the house, these are for you.

Pro tip for the extra large breeds (Great Danes, for example): 

Go for a horse toy. No, seriously. A Jolly Ball will run you the same or less than most dog toys and will last much longer around the extra large pooches. Try out these from Horseman's Pride and thank us later!

Comment below if you've found any super strength toys out there - the more the merrier!


Stay Happy-Go-Lucky friends,

Myrthe from the Doodle Dog team

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