How the World Brought Us Doodles

How the World Brought Us Doodles

Endless energy. Cuddly coats. Unrivaled personalities. If you're here, you likely know all the many traits that make up the breed we love. But where did doodles come from?

A Unique Breed for a Unique Challenge

While there are records of doodles prior to the 1990's, the most documented beginning to the doodle breed happens in the 1980's. Wally Conron, an employee of the Royal Guide Dog Association of Australia received a request for a hypoallergenic seeing eye dog (NIH). Conron initially attempted to train poodles due to their hypoallergenic coats, but after 33 dogs was unable to successfully recreate the traits required for such an important canine companion (PetCP). Next, he tried to breed a poodle with a Labrador and found the combination of hypoallergenic coats and obedient traits he needed.

The Doodle Love Wasn't Instant

Initially, the doodle breed faced some resistance from dog lovers. The purebred genetics used to create the hybrid dogs lost their appeal. But, once the name "Labradoodle" got a marketing push, interest spiked and the cuddly balls of energy became increasingly popular.

Since that time, the breed continues to diversify as more and more people fall in love with them!

Hypoallergenic? Not Always

One of the main appeals for potential doodle owners is their advertised hypoallergenic coat. However, multiple studies have shown that there actually is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic dog (PetMD).

What does this mean for doodles? The genetics regulating dander vary from puppy to puppy even in the same litter. So, while doodles on the whole have more genes minimizing dander due to their poodle origins, simply being a doodle doesn't mean that a dog will be hypoallergenic.

Those suffering from allergies are likely to tolerate doodles better than other breeders due to the lower dander amounts. However, it is commonly encouraged to test your allergic response by exposing yourself to the puppy a few times before taking them home!

Lovable? Forever.

Here at Doodle Dog Outfitters we're 100% smitten with doodles of all shapes, colors, and sizes. Whether it's through our customer favorite products or our community Instagram account, connect with us and spread the doodle love!


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